Welcome. I'm Caitlin Jones, and I'm a Spanish-to-English translator specializing in global development and other related fields.

Do you have Spanish-language reports that need to be read by English-speaking partners and donors? Do you want to share your successes in the field so that other organizations can learn from them? Are you interested in bringing your mission to a wider audience? Whatever your motivation, I'm here to help you.

I've translated quarterly and annual reports, project proposals and evaluations, concept notes, environmental mitigation plans, surveys, and even MOOC materials for NGOS and development organizations. These development projects broached subjects such as gender, agriculture, health, the environment, and multi-dimensional poverty.

Let’s start a conversation about how translation could help your organization accomplish its goals. Contact me by email at caitlin@englishbycaitlin.com or connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn below.