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Are you interested in bringing your mission to a wider audience? Do you have Spanish-language reports that need to be read and understood by English-speaking partners or donors? Do you want to share your successes (and missteps) so that others can learn from them? 

My name is Caitlin and if your objective is to improve lives and help people around the world, we're on the same page. I work with NGOs, development practitioners, and other agents of positive social change to help them communicate across language barriers. 

I've translated quarterly and annual reports for implementing partners, proposals and evaluations for funding agencies, and training materials for human rights initiatives. I've even helped clients showcase their work by translating scripts for short films! Whether your project focus is women's empowerment, natural resource management, rural development, or something else, I'm here to help. Explore the links below to learn more and see what translation can do for you.


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